Behind the Owl

Meet the Author Behind Guiding Curiosity

Wendy Gamble

I spent 30 years teaching courses in child and adolescent development in several universities across the country. I have also been involved in many research projects focusing on children’s relationships with their siblings, parents, peers, and teachers, and the consequences of those social connections for their emotional well-being. The results of this research have been published in many peer-reviewed journals and books. I have also spoken at national and international conferences and to community groups.

These experiences contributed to my desire to support parents in engaging their young children in learning experiences. My advice and suggestions are derived from a scientific foundation, but rather than further complicate the parental role, my real goal is to help maximize fun and the excitement of discovery in parent-child interactions.

Perhaps my best credential in offering advice on parenting is that I too am a parent.  My daughters are now grown, but I can clearly recall how often I was desperate for advice.  I write these blogs with those memories in mind and hope that all this experience can prove useful and inspiring for someone parenting a young child.