The Magnificent Moon: Earth Science and Beyond

A man in the moon, cows jumping over the moon, the moon is made of cheese. Oh, the things children hear about the moon. The moon is the most apparent object in the night sky. It is easy for children to see, at least for part of the lunar cycle. And then it disappears, giving it an air of mystery. Exploring the moon is a great introduction to planetary science.  Questions How come I can see the moon sometimes [...]

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Magnificent Metals

Standards that are meant to inform teachers about what to focus on in classroom science classes include references to materials and their properties. Understanding the concept of materials is fundamental in science. For young children, this translates into identifying what things are made of and answering the question of how they know something is, for example, paper, stone, or glass. You can distinguish a material based on its properties, or those things that make it special or unique. Which [...]

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Mud Season

For many folks around the country, it is spring, which means mud season. If you have young children in your home you are are probably dreading the extra cleaning that comes with the season. Coping with muddy shoes, pant hems, and fingers may be in your future. You may even find mud in ears and belly buttons. If you are surrounded by mud, then there is either melting snow nearby or it has rained recently. For those of you [...]

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Weather Wow

Weather is a topic of conversation we have with our friends, relatives, co-workers, and even strangers. Your child is both aware of these conversations and likely to express her own ideas about the weather. Here is a terrific opportunity to capitalize on her interest and start an ongoing conversation about an exploration of something obvious and readily sensed. Understanding weather has important consequences for daily decisions about what to wear and choosing play activities. It also has important implications [...]

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Start with Salt

Being stuck indoors because of cold or wet weather is not an excuse for ignoring topics in earth or physical sciences. In your kitchen, there are several ingredients that can be “mined” for information. Let’s start with salt. Salt is a basic ingredient in cooking. While there is much written about limiting salt in our diets relative to our health, it is a nutrient we cannot live without. It origins are fascinating as are its capacity to inform understanding [...]

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