Lessons of Winter: Snow and Ice

Consider exploring the world of frozen water. This time of year, your child can discover fascinating things about ice and snow (snow flakes) – especially if you live where winter brings this delight right to your doorstep. If not, then maybe some creative fun putting things into the refrigerator can work too. Snow, specifically individual snowflakes, is actually geometric arrangements of tiny particles of ice. They are typically not single crystals but complex geometric arrangements of many ice crystals [...]

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Kitchen Science: Acids, Bases and Common Kitchen Chemical Reactions

Chemistry doesn’t have to wait until high school. You and your child can create impressive chemical reactions in your kitchen now, right before his eyes. Lessons in chemistry can be as simple as combining ingredients used every day in cooking. With some help, your child will discover materials that when combined produce results representing foundational ideas of chemistry; concepts that are easy to grasp when seen and result from your child’s own actions. Today, let’s talk about acids. Acids [...]

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Where Does Food Come From? The BLT

Does your child know where her food comes from? Why not ask? A fun set of questions asked regularly can help kick start thinking about the source of our food. This is just the beginning of further explorations into how our food is grown, prepared, and consequences for our health. There are many different things we eat, so before the topic becomes overwhelming, start at the beginning. Deconstruct a favorite food. Today’s example is a BLT or bacon, lettuce [...]

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Kitchen Science: Milk and Dairy Products

The small moments of everyday life present huge opportunities for learning about the world around us.  Pouring a glass of milk is a learning opportunity.  Start with a question to get the conversation rolling. Questions Why do we have to drink milk? How is drinking milk good for you or what parts of you benefit from drinking milk? How does milk compare to other foods that are supposed to be good for you? Where does milk come from? Do [...]

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Everyday Science: Soap

Who doesn’t love a hot bath? Well, lots of kids aren’t so happy about their encounters with soap and water, preferring to avoid cleaning behind their ears and between their toes. How to handle those reluctant bathers? How about exploring the mysteries of soap!  Questions Where does soap come from or what is it made of? How many different kinds of soaps are there? Did the cavemen have soap? How about the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans? Were the Dark [...]

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Start with Salt

Being stuck indoors because of cold or wet weather is not an excuse for ignoring topics in earth or physical sciences. In your kitchen, there are several ingredients that can be “mined” for information. Let’s start with salt. Salt is a basic ingredient in cooking. While there is much written about limiting salt in our diets relative to our health, it is a nutrient we cannot live without. It origins are fascinating as are its capacity to inform understanding [...]

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Thinking Turkeys

It's turkey time! As you prepare to enjoy holiday meals with your family, consider including your child in the preparation of various dishes. Your kitchen is most likely a hectic place this time of year, nerves are already frazzled, and the kids are wound up. Still, in the spirit of the “family” in family holidays, include your kids in planning and doing when you can. It allows them to make contributions to and feel invested in family traditions. Furthermore, [...]

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Egg-Spolartion for Breakfast

Science lessons during breakfast? Absolutely! These are all suggestions for how you can “spin” a simple egg preparation into a playful learning event. There are a number of ideas here. Pick and choose, don’t try them all at one time. Spread suggestions out over several breakfasts, or repeat as needed. Repetition is the basis for retaining information. Just make sure your child is engaged (and not so hungry that she will scream if you ask another question). Think five [...]

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